About Us


We strive to reduce stress and save time for the traveling professional by locating housing so they can spend more time with what matters most to them. 

About Us:

We want to welcome you to our page! We are all too aware of the hassles of wrapping up one short term lease while making countless phone calls to find another.

Our story started off as two sisters living the nomadic lifestyle of traveling medical professionals, and our most challenging task was finding housing AND housing that supported our large breed dogs. We designed our team to assist others, such as yourself, by lifting the heavy burden of “home” shopping. We understand the breaks in between contracts can be short, with our help you can spend those few days with your passions instead of “stressing and worrying” about where you are going to live for the next 13 weeks.

We look forward to helping you find safe and affordable housing for your next rotation!

"A journey of a thousand miles, must
begin with a single step."


About Us: