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9. Terms of Service

1. C2C Travel, LLC is here to assist well-qualified traveling professionals to find short-term housing solutions in the location of their choosing. First, we assess what your needs and wants are for your ideal living situation. Next, we mold these desires into three or more housing options. We understand everyone has unique needs and has specific preferences, therefore we require every applicant to submit
a questionnaire with this agreement. All Clients must have the following:

a.  A minimum of credit score of 680;

b. No criminal convictions within three years; and

c. Be in good standing with his or her appropriate licensing

2. We do not personally inspect the properties.  We are not responsible for the habitability or condition of a housing solution provided to you.

3. We understand finding housing solutions can be difficult, stressful and time consuming especially on a limited time budget.  To address this, we offer two
different plans to choose from:  the Basic Plan allows  C2C Travel, LLC at least seven days to locate housing options. The Express Plan is a high priority plan for a time frame less than 7 days. The Basic Plan costs $250 and the Express Plan costs $350.

4. BILLING AND CHARGES. Client shall be responsible for providing payment to  C2C Travel, LLC prior to C2C commencing any work and will provide notice to the
Client upon acceptance of the Contract.

5. CONFIDENTIALITY.  C2C Travel, LLC agrees to use its best efforts to hold in confidence (and not disclose to other C2C Travel, LLC clients or third parties) information gathered from the Client except to identify housing leads for the Client.  Client agrees not to distribute leads provided by  C2C Travel, LLC to third parties, unless  C2C Travel, LLC consents in writing to the disclosure of such leads.

6. INDEMNIFICATION.  C2C Travel, LLC shall not be obligated to indemnify Client against other losses, including business losses, arising from  C2C Travel, LLC exercising its business judgment in good faith based on information reasonably available.   C2C Travel, LLC shall not be liable for any injury resulting from Client’s housing whether such lead for housing was provided by  C2C Travel, LLC or not. 

Client agrees to indemnify  C2C Travel, LLC for any claim for damages brought a property owner caused by Client’s negligence, breach of contract, or any other action which may be reasonably traced by to Client’s conduct.

7. LIMITATION ON DAMAGES. In all situations the parties agree the maximum amount  C2C Travel, LLC may by held liable for as a consequence of its actions shall be the reimbursement of the costs paid for services by the Client to  C2C Travel, LLC.  Any claim for damages shall be initiated within 365 days of the date of the acceptance of the contract by  C2C Travel, LLC.

8. JURISDICTION.  The parties agree that any controversy that results in litigation of any kind shall be venued in the State of Oklahoma and the controversy shall be resolved using the established law in the State of Oklahoma.

9. NOTICES. Any notices to be delivered under the terms of this Contract shall be sent via email to and from the email address below:

 C2C Travel, LLC

10. INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR.  It is the parties’ intent that  C2C Travel, LLC shall remain an independent contractor for any and all services provided to Client.

11. SEVERABILITY.  All agreements and covenants contained in this Contract are severable, and in the event any of them are held to be invalid by any competent court, this Contract will be interpreted as if the invalid agreements or covenants were not contained in this Contract.

12. ASSIGNMENT.  This Contract may not be assigned, transferred or conveyed in whole or in part by any party without the express written permission of the
other parties.

13. NON-DISCRIMINATION.   C2C Travel, LLC shall not discriminate against Client or any lead participant because of race, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, political or religious beliefs, national or ethnic origin.

14. BINDING EFFECTS. The parties hereto covenant and agree that the terms, conditions, and provisions of this Contract shall be binding upon themselves,
their respective successors, and assigns.

15. AUTHORITY.   C2C Travel, LLC and the Client hereby covenant and agree, each to the other, that their respective signatories have the authority to execute and bind each pursuant to the appropriate actions of the governing bodies of each. C2C also warrants that it has the authority to provide the services contemplated hereunder.

16. WAIVER. The failure of any party to enforce any provision or right under this agreement shall not be construed as a waiver thereof, nor shall the same
affect the ability of  C2C Travel, LLC or the Client thereafter to enforce such provision or right.

17.  REFERRAL PROGRAM.   C2C Travel, LLC offers all previous clients a $50 referral bonus for any referrals that  C2C Travel, LLC agrees to work with to provide housing solutions.  Please have future Client reference the referral program when submitting the Client

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